Tracking True In Texas: Wheel Alignment In Brushy Creek

February 4, 2016

Wheel alignment is often overlooked by busy Brushy Creek and Windemere auto owners until serious tire damage has been done. One wheel can be knocked out of alignment by hitting a curb or pothole on a Round Rock freeway or surface street. When a vehicles out of alignment, one or ... More

Trip Inspection at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Round Rock in Round Rock

February 2, 2016

Round Rock drivers love their cars. And one of the most enjoyable things about them is taking a road trip. Freedom from daily schedules, new sights and the open road its great! But theres nothing like car trouble to bring the fun to a grinding halt. Now Round Rock auto owners cant a... More

Automotive Guide for Round Rock: Signs of An Alignment Problem

January 13, 2016

When properly aligned, all of your wheels are pointed in the same direction. Your vehicle will track true and handle the way it is designed. Round Rock drivers often associate our wheels being knocked out of alignment with an event like an accident, hitting a pothole, curb or some other object... More

Go Straight: Wheel Alignment For Round Rock Automobiles

January 1, 2016

Round Rock car owners may have an alignment problem if their car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheels off center, they notice uneven tire wear or the car doesnt feel like it handles right as they drive down Round Rock, Texas streets and freeways. When all of a vehicles wh... More